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You want to create a website for online shopping, but you do not know who to trust, how or where to start. How can I be sure you make the right choice.

A shop e-commerce, why?

If you already have a firm physical
All just to increase your sales!. But also to present your products without customers having to move, and that for a small investment in relation to the financial burdens of your business.

- Existing customers buy more frequently
- Existing customers buy in larger quantities
- Prospecting - New customers arrive
- Fast Results

If the activity is only on the web (without existing business)
The success of a website selling online depends on several factors and will very rarely immediate, it may take several quarters before seeing results, even if you have all the aces.

- Knowledge and experience of your business
- A little competition on the Internet
- Specific products
- A professional knowledge of SEO or call a professional.
- A marketing budget

Less - Miracles exist, but they are rare!
- A new job for you
- A new presence on the Internet
- A significant number of competitors on the web
- Products that are found everywhere and at the same price
- Poor knowledge of SEO on the Net
- No marketing budget

Establish a site online business

What you need :
- A domain name, it will be your identity on the Internet.
- Host your e-commerce site on a server .
- One or more emails to receive your orders and communicate with your customers. For an online business have its own email address at your domain name is more credible.
- Data security suited to online commerce.
- Install the e-commerce programm on the server
- Configure your e-commerce store.
- Create the design of the shop.
- The SEO of your website so your customers by various means can you find on the web.

This should be possible :
- Read your email, and that wherever you are by webmail or your mail software, eg Outlook Express.
- The ability to view detailed statistics for your site .
Que vos clients puissent vous régler par divers moyens de paiements en ligne.

What is more :
- Whether your site is always available quickly, a quality web hosting with no overloaded servers and DNS servers performance.
- A management interface easier to use, the insertion of your products, manage your orders, inventory, customer mailings, should be easy.
- A clear and complete documentation for managing your online store.
- In case of problems or if you have a question, the possibility to contact a competent person and not a bot .

Presentation of our commerce solution online

Everything above is implemented in our installation process, you will have nothing to do. It will simply use the management interface of our solution to manage your commerce site online.

What you should know:
The basics of using a computer, keyboard, mouse, you use the software foundation for word processing is the minimum, copy / paste and small formatting text, bold, italics, etc. ...

Answers to questions you may have about running an online store are certainly here:
Help to manage your store where all the explanations (with pictures) are available.
From the sale of your products to the general management, orders, PDF invoices ...

Our e-commerce solution (release Wertronic) has been developed based on program OsCommerce (open source) and has a significant number of changes and new, such as Section auction or the possibility of changing the entire design of your shop intuitively through osc design that is integrated with the management of shops (requires no special computer skills).

The main program is shared
We perform regular maintenance, upgrades or updates of e-commerce program.
When a client requests a feature we added all our customers enjoy!.
Our servers are secure: Data security (clone server)
The main program you are not available, your own business is better.
However if you want to leave us your product catalog (database and images) is available in standard format OsCommerce MS2

Our packages start e-commerce: english translation in progress
These packs include everything you will need to start your site selling e-commerce.
Your e-commerce site will be pre-structured with 25 of your products , nous l'optimiserons et un référencement sera effectué.
It will be ready to sell products that are in the catalog.
The insertion of the following will be done very easily by you. If you do not really know, see our Delivery E-commerce and tariffs.
Sécurité de vos données

Our hosting packages e-commerce : english translation in progress
These hosting e-commerce plans include everything you will need to start your e-commerce site.
Your store will be in line with the structure and examples of our product demonstration site, that you will not take control of your online store on a "blank page".




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